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Introduction to Services

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Hi-Hope’s program model which serves as an overlay to each service includes five (5) core activities:

Person-Centered Planning

The plan is at the center of the model and at its core is intended to articulate what is important “for” the person and what is important “to” them. The plan gives rise to and defines what will make for a “meaningful” day for the individual.

Lifelong Learning, Citizenship and Personal Expression

These three areas are the core of Hi-Hope’s service delivery. Lifelong learning, including communication supports, prepare an individual for life and inclusion in their community. Communication supports includes access to an educational consultant and an assistive technology specialist. In partnership, these two professionals conduct an individual functional communication review, develop communication goals, identify an appropriate communication system and train the individual and staff on its use. Citizenship activities include job training, work, volunteering, and advocacy. Personal expression opportunities include development of an individual’s leisure time and activities. Hi-Hope provides all three of these supports.

Community Connections

Community connection activities link the Person-Centered plan with opportunities for lifelong learning, citizenship and personal expression. Opportunities to engage in these activities are provided in integrated settings where adults with developmental disabilities have a chance to establish sustained relationships with individuals without disabilities.